Ability to Select Multiple Plants on Map via Job Site Plant Inventory view

This enhancement adds the ability to select multiple Plants on the map and perform actions on those plants such as applying a tag or updating a plant’s location. For commercial sites, this can be beneficial for segmenting plants into North, East, South, and West for scheduling services by region.

To select multiple plants:

  • Hold Shift

  • Drag over the plants you would like to select on the map.

After selecting multiple plants on the map, perform any action such as applying tags or updating the plant’s location.

To unselect a plant, just click on any individual plant. For example, 40 has been unselected below.

Ability to Batch Update Plant Location via Job Site Plant Inventory view

This feature allows you to update the location of a plant and segment out trees on a large commercial map. For example, you can put North, East, South, or West areas to easily assign the proper crews to the serviced plants.

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