Begin by heading to the Payroll Time Clock located on the second tab at the bottom of the navigation in Mobile Crew. There you should see the default employees on your crew.

Check the box next to the employees you want to clock in and select "clock in"

How do I add an employee who is not scheduled on this crew today?

Look for the vertical (...) dot dot dot in the upper right corner of the payroll time clock. From there, select "Add New Employee To Crew" and select the employee from the drop down.

Unless they are going to be a permanent member of the crew select "Day" and "Add" Then proceed to clock them into the Payroll Time Clock. By default, this will also add them to all the jobs you have scheduled for the day that are not already completed.

How do I add Lunch, Break, Drive Time, and other activities to the Payroll Time Clock in Mobile Crew?

Ok I added a new Activity, now how do I change my employee's activity in the Payroll Time Clock in Mobile Crew?

IMPORTANT: You select the status and clock CLOCK IN. You do not want to clock them out of the current status. ONLY clock employees out when they are absolutely done with their shift.

How to clock out at the end of the day and Edit Payroll Time in the Mobile Crew (if you have the permission to do so):

How can I batch edit this in Cloud for all my crews? For example, they forgot to clock in at the correct time this morning, or they failed to clock out:

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