Plant Inventory and Service tags are now available on the Work Scheduler Service Detail view.

This enables Production managers to review service tags added by the team from the Work Scheduler.

Example Use Case

The Plant and Service tags are a new addition to the work scheduler allowing your team to see additional tags added to the service or plant on the job.

A user can add the tags from the Job Listing Screen to let their team know any important information related to that specific service or Plant Inventory item.

View “PI Tags” and “Service Tags” from the Work Scheduler

First visit the Work Scheduler and locate any Service on the Scheduled or Unscheduled side and then click on the Service name.

Upon clicking over the service, you can see all service details associated with the job such as

  • Site Contact information

  • Invoice Balance

  • Project Name

  • Customer Tags

  • Service Tags

  • Plant Inventory Tags

  • Job Tags

  • Salesperson

  • Equipment

  • Description

  • Job Notes

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