This is an enhancement which will prompt your team to update all future visits or just that visit if you add or remove service resources on a recurring schedule.

This enables increased efficiency for your team by allowing them to update multiple service visits at once instead of individually adjusting each visit. This can be adjusted from Jobs screen as well as from the Work Scheduler.

Example Use Case

The Batch Update Resources on Future Visits is a new feature allowing Production Managers to update resources such as employees, equipment, and inventory for multiple visits at once.

A user can add the material “Mulch” on one visit and then add that to all future visits after updating the resources on a service with multiple visits scheduled.

Additionally, if an employee quits and you need to remove them from all future visits and replace them with a new employee, you can do so as well.

Add Resources from the Jobs Screen

First create a service with “Recurring” Type and schedule multiple visits on the job.

I have created a job with 3 visits in recurring type.

On the right hand side of the service, click the down arrow to expand the assigned resources.

Resources Dropdown Arrow

Add a new employee to add them to this service visit.

Upon clicking save, a prompt will appear to offer to add the employee to all future visits.

  • Choose “Only This Visit” to add the resources only to this visit.

  • Choose “This and All Future Visits” to add the resources to this visit and all future visits.

You can now see the employee assigned to future visits as well.

How to Batch Update Resources from the Work Scheduler

First select a service from the work scheduler by putting a checkbox next to the #.

From the Action Dropdown, select “Resources”.

This will open the Resources Screen shown below.

Adjust the Resources by adding or removing equipment, inventory, or employees if the services are assigned to the same crew.

Then click Update Equipment/Inventory Resources

It will ask if you want to add each resource to all future visits or only this visit

Choose the correct option and hit “Confirm

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