There has been a new option added to associate a Purchasing Office Location to a Purchase Order. This will give the ability to view which office within your organization is making the purchase order in the case there are multiple office locations.

Associating the Purchasing Office Location

The Purchasing Office is located directly beneath the “Class” on the Purchase Order information screen and has a dropdown of all office locations within your organization.

This gives your team increased visibility on which office has created the purchase order request.

Select from the Dropdown that is pulling from Settings -> Company -> Office Locations.

The Office Locations in settings

Upon opening the Office Locations, all locations are listed.

Listing of Office Locations

Adding a New Office Location

You have the ability to add a new office location by clicking the “+Add New” button at the top left.

All fields to add a new office location

Upon clicking the Save button, the new office is added to the list of office locations and can now be associated with purchase orders.

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