This is a general game plan of the Arborgold essentials that everyone at your company should know prior to “going live.” Below is a list of tutorials and resources to help you prepare. If you have these core concepts mastered, we can move on to more advanced topics! = Link to a comprehensive checklist

Set Up Your Resources | Tutorials

  • [ ] Have you set up your Employees with costs?

  • [ ] Have you set up your Crews and associated employees?

  • [ ] Have you set up your Services and organized them into Service Categories?

  • [ ] Have you set up your Inventory (if applicable, i.e. mulch, insecticides, fertilizer, etc) - Optional for Entrepreneur

  • [ ] Have you set up your Equipment (if applicable, i.e. bucket truck, skid steer, etc) - Optional for Entrepreneur

Data Submission | Excel Template Formats: Customers | Services

  • [ ] Have you provided Arborgold’s Data Team with a formatted export? - Disregard if QBO/QBD

Report Mock Up | Report Library

  • [ ] Have you provided your trainer with a copy of your current Proposal, Work Order, and Invoice or a mock-up?


Prepare for this training by watching the Quick Start Videos linked in blue below.

Training One Game Plan | Are you proficient in the following?

Essential Settings & Resources


Training Two Game Plan

Essential Settings & Resources


Training Three Game Plan

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