Arborgold January 2021 Product Updates

  1. Job Renewal Merge

  2. Employee Form Changes

  3. Ability to Send Follow up Letters from Find Jobs

  4. Expanded Unit Cost Field for Inventory

Job Renewal Merge

We have added the ability to merge renewed jobs from the Edit Renewals page. You can use this feature by clicking the ellipse in the upper right corner and selecting Merge Jobs. We offer two merge options: by Job Site, or by Job Site and Salesperson.

By Job Site Only: This will merge together all services that have the same associated Customer and Job Site into a single job. The Salesperson for this merged job will be the default Salesperson for the Customer if one is set.

By Sales Rep and Job Site: This will merge together all services that have the same associated Customer, Job Site, and Salesperson. In this case, one unique job will be created for each Salesperson.

Employee Form Changes

We have reorganized the Add/Edit Employee Form. General Information, Job Costing Information, and Profile Picture are under the Information tab.

Appointment and Google Calendar information has been moved to a separate Calendar tab.

Ability to Send Follow up Letters from Find Jobs

We’ve given you the ability to send batch follow-up letters from the Jobs listing. This is very similar to a prior feature request which was the ability to send proposals in batches from Find Jobs. This feature is found in the Action menu for all Job Status tabs.

For jobs in Generated and Proposal status, you will be prompted to choose whether to attach a Proposal to the email.

This will bring up the Print/Email Proposal window. You can select and generate a Follow-Up or Proposal format, then proceed to email.

For all other job statuses, Print/Email Follow Up will immediately open the Mail Template, and you can compose an email to your customers.

Expanded Unit Cost Field for Inventory

We have extended the Unit Cost for Inventory to accept up to 4 decimal places instead of 2. This change will be visible on the Inventory listing and the Add/Edit Inventory popup.

This change was made to handle cases such as the above mixture, which has a Per 1 Unit Cost of less than $0.00.

Please note that the Inventory Unit Cost will still display rounded up to the nearest $0.01 on other screens, such as under Service Resources or Job Costing. However, calculations will be performed with the stored 4-decimal value you can see on the Inventory screen.

See below: these two inventory items’ Unit Costs are $0.0053 and $0.0031, respectively. Under the service line item, these display as $0.01 and $0.00. However, when quantity of the inventory is added, the total cost calculates with $0.0053 and $0.0031.

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