1. Link to New Help Center

  2. Updates to Service, Inventory, and Equipment Forms

  3. Save Inline Column Filters on Find Jobs

  4. Added Spanish name and description to Add/Edit Service form

  5. Profile Images for Service/Equipment/Employee/Inventory Items

  6. Files for Services and Inventory Items

  7. Ability to Rename Files

  8. Expanded Action Menu for Jobs and Services

  9. Job Starring

  10. Service Status Changes

  11. Included Tags in Plant Inventory Listing

  12. QB Log Updates

Link to New Help Center

We’ve added an icon to the header at the top-right corner to quickly access our Help Center.

Updates to Service, Inventory, and Equipment Forms

We have reorganized the forms for Add/Edit Service, Inventory, and Equipment. Rather than having one giant page with different sections, we have grouped each section into separate tabs.

Add/Edit Service:

Add/Edit Inventory:

The tab display will change based on whether the Inventory item type is Standard or Mixture. Only Standard will show Stock Details, and only Mixture will show Mixture.

The Report checkbox is no longer included. Inventory items will automatically be reported.

We have now also included the option to choose between Production Rate and Service Quantity. If Type: Production Rate is selected, then the Production Rate, Custom Measurement, and Auto Calculate Inventory Quantity fields will be shown.

If you want to use the Calculate Inventory Qty By Service Qty feature for an inventory item, select Type: Service Quantity. In the Rate field, you can enter the amount of inventory set when it is added to a service as a default resource.

Add/Edit Equipment:

Purchase Details have now been separated from the Information tab into their own tab

Save Inline Column Filters on Find Jobs

We have added the feature to save+maintain column searches when you navigate back and forth to the Find Jobs screen. You can use this to filter your jobs by criteria that are not included in the Filter drop-down (such as by specific city).

When you double-click into a job from the Jobs listing, you can navigate between your filtered jobs with the left and right arrows. In this example, I would be navigating between All jobs whose city is Bloomington.

When you click Back to Find Jobs, that column search will still be there.

It will stay there when you click to a different Job Status tab.

The column filter will not be saved on individual Customers’ All Jobs listings. They will only be saved from the main Find Jobs page.

Remember that you can clear all of your column filters by clicking the column settings and selecting Clear Column Filters.

Added Spanish name and description to Add/Edit Service form

In the Other tab of the Add/Edit Service form and Service Defaults, there are now fields for the Spanish name and description of a service.

Profile Images for Service/Equipment/Employee/Inventory Items

We have added the ability to upload any number of profile images for Services and Inventory, and updated the same profile image component for Equipment and Employees.

You can upload images by dragging and dropping them onto the component, or choosing them from a folder. When images have finished uploading, click Done.

You can view images using the < and > arrows and choose one to Set as Profile Picture.

The profile image will be visible in the listing for that item. In the future, the Service and Inventory images uploaded will be available within the select list and available for your customers to view from the E Proposal.

Files for Services and Inventory Items

We have added a Files tab to Service and Inventory details. This enables you to upload product labels for your Inventory or pricing sheets related to your Services. In the future we will make the files uploaded available for Service Resources on the job.

Ability to Rename Files

We have introduced the ability to rename files you’ve uploaded in the Files section of any job, customer, or job site. Under the Files tab, simply click on the ellipsis at the right side of the file you wish to change and select Rename.

Make any changes to the file name here, and click Save to rename the file.

You are also able to change the file extension here: for example, renaming the file Renamed.jpg converted this PNG image to a JPG. Please note: not all file formats are compatible, and not all photo viewers may handle this change correctly. It is always better to edit and re-save the file in an appropriate editor before uploading or after downloading to ensure that data is not lost.

Expanded Action Menu for Jobs and Services

We have added additional functionality to the Action menu on the Find Jobs page. All Job Status tabs include the ability to Set Job OH Exp. Margin and Update Customer Tags in batch.

The Services tab now includes a variety of batch actions as well.

Job Starring

Just like the starring on the Edit Renewals page, we’ve added the ability to Star jobs from the Jobs page. This feature is available on all the Job Status tabs. (It is not yet available for the Service or Project tabs.)

Jobs can be starred/unstarred individually or in batch, by clicking on the star icon next to them or by selecting them and selecting Action -> Star/Unstar. You can then filter jobs by Starred status.

Service Status Changes

There have been updates made to the Status dropdown inside Service Details. The available selections in the dropdown will change depending on the service status. This dropdown will populate with choices once the service has first been added and saved.

For Unscheduled Services: Pending, Approved, and Not Approved

A new “Approved” status has been added to the available service statuses. Any newly added service will be set to ‘Pending’ by default. Individual services statuses can be set to Approved in the Service Details screen.

Note: services do not have to be in Approved status to show in the Work Scheduler and on Reports. Services can still be scheduled from Pending status. Both Pending and Not Approved services will still renew - renewed services will keep the same statuses as the original services.

For Scheduled Services: Completed, Scheduled, Skip Reschedule, and Skip No Reschedule

Instead of in check boxes under the service settings, ‘Skip Reschedule’ and ‘Skip No Reschedule’ are now under the service dropdown list for Scheduled services.

For Completed/Invoiced Services:

If the service has a Completed Date, its status will be Completed and cannot be changed. If you remove the Completed Date, the status will automatically change back to Scheduled.

Invoiced services are the same way: their status cannot be manually changed as long as the invoice exists. If the invoice is deleted, the service will return to Completed status.

Purpose Behind Changes:

Our primary goal for this update was to improve how Service Status was controlled. The Service can only be in one status at a time - for example, it can be Scheduled or Skipped, but not both at once. The previous Status system used a variety of checkboxes to set these attributes, which was difficult for the user to understand and made the business logic hard to control.

Therefore, we wanted to improve the user experience by enabling and controlling what status the service can be in via a simple dropdown instead of the multiple checkboxes that existed before.

Additionally, many of the checkboxes were not applicable when the service was in a particular state. For example, a service should not be able to be Completed or Skipped while it is in Pending status; it must be Scheduled first.

As you can see from the example above, the service status dropdown guides the user in terms of what state they can set the service (see example "For Scheduled Services": Completed, Scheduled, Skip Reschedule, and Skip No Reschedule).

Making this change will make it very easy to enable our user's customers to take action on the E-Proposal in terms of single line item acceptance via selecting "Approved" or "Not Approved." In this case the job would be switched to "Work Order," but the Proposal would be partially accepted.

Service Dates

We’ve moved the different dates associated with a service from Service Information to a Service Dates section of the Service Detail, shown here.

If the service has not been scheduled, Scheduled Date does not appear, and Completed Date cannot be modified.

Included Tags in Plant Inventory Listing

We’ve now included Tags in the Plant Inventory listing. Go into View/Edit More Details from the Plant Inventory screen to add tags to a Plant Inventory item.

They will now be visible and searchable as a column entry.

QB Log Updates

We have added the ability to filter your QuickBooks Log by Date and Category.

By default, this filter will show all QB Logs for the current month. You can adjust this period to whatever range you want.

You can see the total number of logs and how many are currently filtered in the top-right corner.

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