Job Creation

Accessing the CAD Design Tool


To add a CAD Map to to the job, you will want to be on the job information page of the job you would like to add the program to, click on the 'Map' tab in the upper right hand corner beside the $ Profit & Loss tab, and select ADD OR EDIT MAP.



This will bring you to the CAD Map page, where you will see options for customization over to the left, and a blank canvas over to the right.



To utilize the most common method, utilizing the Google Maps feature to drop in a satellite image of the job site, you will need to go under Misc, and click on the third button that resembles an unfurled pirate map.



This will give you access to the Google Maps feature, where you can choose between Map or Satellite view, and zoom in and out to select the map you want to see.



Once you've made your selection, you can click on the Submit button to drop the image onto your canvas.



This is when you will be able to add in details using the Assets menu to the left. Now that flows into the less used method for using the CAD Map, selecting different Assets (Shapes Structures, Trees, Plants and Hardscapes) to create a map by hand on a blank canvas or a Google Maps image.


You can click on the '+' button next to each asset to open them up, and can click on any asset image to have them drop onto the canvas. Once they have been added to the canvas you can use the boxes around the item to turn and resize the asset image.



You can also copy and delete images using the buttons at the top of the image property, as well as change the Stroke (the outline or outer color of the asset) and the Fill (the inner color of the asset) using the drop downs below.