Pricing Models

Service Pricing Method: Price Per Hour


I'm going to show you how to set up a service based on Price Per Hour. 

So, we've got my dashboard here. Go to the gear cog and go to Services right here. Under Pricing Method, I'm going to filter this out to charge per hour. I'm going to use this Tree Removal service as my example. 

I'm going to double-click and open this up.  Right here we've got our pricing method and I've selected already Charged Per Hour. We've got different ones to choose from, but that is the one I have currently chosen for this Service and the hourly rate that I'm choosing to charge per hour is $75 and that's where you enter that information right here. So that has already been saved. We'll X out of here and we will go ahead and we will just add this to a job really quick. 

We'll show you how it will auto-calculate based on how many estimated hours you enter. In here select trees, service tree removal, Auto description fills in one is the quantity. The estimated hours for this removal are going to be, let's do 8 hours, nice and simple.  Auto calculates to $600.00 based on the 8 hours of service at the hourly rate that I've assigned this. 

I can go ahead and hit save and if I need to adjust that or double check where my hourly rate is, I hit the plus button at the end of the service line and it brings up the service detail.  Again, here is my Pricing Method and my Charge Per Hour and that's how you set up a service based on Price Per Hour.

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