Service Relationships and How to Use Them

Service Relationships and How to Use Them Service Relationship, Service Relationships Kristie

Services may be designated as Parent or Sub items to create job entry shortcuts. All Sub items that share a common Parent will be grouped together alphabetically by the name of the Parent when adding services to jobs. This does not change the Service Name as it appears on any printed or emailed document.

Navigate to Gear Icon > Items > Services

You will create a new service or select an existing service (double click) to edit

Other Tab

  • Determine what service is the 'Parent' item

    • Select "Parent" from the dropdown (i.e. Tree Removal)

  • Determine what service is a sub item of the parent (i.e. stump grinding is sub item to Tree Removal)

    • Select sub item from the dropdown

    • This will open a selector to set the parent item.

    • Select appropriate service as the parent

  • Save

When entering the sub item service to a job you will see parent - sub item relationship in the dropdown selections

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