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How to Determine Your Renewal Interval

How to Determine Your Renewal Interval Renewals, Renewal Interval, Don't Renew Until Kristie

When creating or editing a service you have the option to set a yearly renewal interval. This setting is used during the renewal process you define for your business

If you have services you would like to offer your customers on a routine renewal basis (i.e. lawning mowing services every spring) you can set the services to renewal at the desired interval.

If the service is eligible to be renewed on a yearly basis, enter a zero, for every two years enter a one, and so on.

Navigate to Gear Icon > Items > Services

You will create a new service or select an existing service (double click) to edit

  • Navigate to Other tab

  • Enter Renewal Interval

  • Select Save (top right)

Yearly = 0

Every 2 Years = 1

every 3 Years = 2

**Renewal Intervals can only be set in year increments (not months)

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