Job Creation

Adding Programs (Bundles) to Jobs

A program allows you to add multiple services to the job all at once without having to create each line item by hand. It can be a huge time saver, especially for companies who offer packages and full service programs!


Creating a Program


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You can create a program by going to the Settings menu, over to the Items column, down the the Other drop down, and selecting Programs under Other. There you can click on the + Add New button to create a new program, or double click on an existing program to edit it.



This will bring you to the Edit Program pop up, where you can begin adding or editing the information there.



Here you will set the following information: 


Program Name - the label displayed for the program in the Programs pop up. Note that this is the name that you will see when adding the program, your customers will not have access to this information. You will want to use Sections (see here) to group the services on the proposal pdf and E-Proposal.


Plant - the 'Item' that will drop in for all services associated with the program when it is added on the job


Services on Program - the services associated with the program, moved over from the Available Services section by selecting the service and clicking on the arrow pointing to the side you would like it to move to.


'Auto Insert Service Descriptions When Adding This Program To A Job' - determines whether or not the service description for each service in the program will drop into the description when the program is added to the job.




Once you've added this information, you can click on the Save button in the upper right hand corner, which will take you back to the Programs page.


Adding a Program to the Job


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To add the program to to the job, you will want to be on the Job Information page of the job you would like to add the program to, click on the '+ Add By' drop down above the service listing, and select Single Program under Bundles.




This will pull up the Programs list, where you can select the '+' button to the right of the program name to add the program to the job.






This will pull up the Add Program to Job pop up, where you can enter the information you would like to apply to the services, and then click Add to Job. Note that the options you select under Price, Section and Crew will apply to all of the services you add.




Note that, as the services are not associated to the program name after they are added to the job, you will want to utilize sections to group or label the services on the proposal.


Edited by Betsy Rainey 07/11/2023