Sending a Proposal Via Text to Your Client

You can text a proposal to your client


Prior to sending your proposal via SMS text, you need to ensure the customer profile is set up correctly

  • Go to the customer profile and scroll down to SMS & Voice Broadcast
  • Confirm this is toggled on and a phone number capable of receiving texts is entered

Then you can go to the proposal

  • Select Send Proposal
  • The new window will open on the email tab.
  • Select the SMS tab

You are able to use SMS or email templates for your SMS text.

Alternatively, you can type text in the Message section

  • To use email templates toggle on the Use Email Templates setting
  • You can now select the template you want to use from the drop-down menu
  • On the right side select the Format & Template [optional] and click Regenerate Preview
  • When you are happy with the text and proposal select Send SMS
  • After the SMS processes, the SMS Results window will display the status.