Job Management from Job Information

Printing a Proposal

How to print a proposal (single and in batch)


Printing a Single Proposal

  • Click Down Arrow on Send Proposal Button at top right corner and click Print

A new window will open

  • Select the format to print
  • Select Template for merge discounts [optional]
  • Select Regenerate Preview (If changing from default user format first loaded)

After the preview updates you can print and/or download the proposal

  • Select the printer icon to print


  • Or you can download the proposal to your computer

Printing Jobs in Batch:

To Print in Batch,  go to the Job > Jobs listing screen with the left menu.

Select Job(s) to Print, select Action -> Print

Select Format, Template (optional), click Regenerate Preview


You can either click the Print button to print, or the Download Button to download.


Last Modified By Josh Hughey 7/10/23