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Appointment Automation

  1. Appointment Automation - is a powerful feature that enables customers to receive confirmations and reminders for their appointments.

  2. How it works:On the Customer Information screen, you are going to need to ensure that Receive Appointment Reminders is checked

  3. Click the Marketing > Automation Tab.

  4. On this page, you will see the “Appointment Automation”

  5. Appointment Templates - are assigned to campaigns. Templates are assigned to campaigns. Think of a template as containing a single or more actions that can occur upon scheduling a customer’s appointment. This may include an email, text-message or phone broadcast message, which you will see is dependent upon the interval

  6. Appointment Campaigns - contain your templates. Campaigns contain your templates. For example, you may have templates called Upon Scheduling and Day Before, which get assigned to one campaign called Campaign_Primary.

  7. Appointment Management - is dynamically updated based on the actions from the appointment scheduler and phone message screen. That being mentioned, scheduling and un-scheduling an appointment will remove the campaign from the campaign management grid.

If you are on the proper subscription level for appointment automation, (check with our sales or support team if you are unsure) you will need a proper integration with Twilio for texting and Sendgrid for emailing to be able to use the feature.

To navigate to appointment automation, first go to the Msg center tab on the left, go to Msg Center -> Automation -> Templates. If you first see this message at the top in red, contact our support team so we can turn on the feature for you.

The first step is to be in the Templates Section. You can think of templates as your go to actions or steps that are executed in the proper campaign. To create a template click the + Add New record option at the top.

The following screen will come up with the information needed to fill out a template.

  • Template Name: a unique identifier for the template so you know which one to reference if adding to a campaign

  • Type: Will be set to reminder

  • Email Format: Will be the correct email template used for the correct verbiage. You can click the Edit button to go directly into the reports designer to customize your message.

  • SMS/Text Format: select the text format of whats to be texted, you can also click edit to go into customizing different texts:

  • Interval: the point at which the text and email go out if the template were added on an active campaign: Can be Upon Scheduling, Day After, Day Before, or Day Of.

Don't forget to click save to save the template at the bottom

After you have all your templates made up properly then you can navigate to the campaign section by clicking on the left Msg Center -> Automation -> Campaigns.

To add a new campaign click the + Create Campaign button to the right. Just note you can only have one active campaign going at a time.

When you create a campaign you will give it a name, and click the + Add Template to add the template you would like to trigger in the campaign. Be sure to click save.

Just note that a campaign will need to be active by marking the active check box and saving, and will need to have templates in it to actually fire off the text messages and emails, granted you have a proper Twilio integration and Sendgrid integration.

The last section in the appointment automation is management. You can get there my clicking the Msg Center -> Automation -> Management

The appointment Manager grid shows the appointments that are going to be sent out.

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