Instead of creating multiple payments, you can now send one total invoice to customers to include all open balances.

Within the E-invoice on the customer portal, click the Open Balance Summary button.

A summary of all open invoices and finance charge transactions will appear:

Click Pay All Open Balances

If the user clicks the Pay All Open Balances button the credit card payment form will refresh with the amount being set to match the Total Unpaid from the Open Balance.

The user then submits the payment and if it is processed successfully Arborgold will create individual payments for each invoice and finance charge that was paid.

After the payment(s) are processed the user is taken to a page the result of the transaction. The user can then click the back button to return to the E-invoice page.

The E-invoice will show paid if processed successfully.

IMPORTANT NOTE: E-invoice multi-pay will ignore unused prepayments when calculating the total account balance. This means if you have unused prepayments on the account that you have not applied to their respective invoices the customer could end up paying you more than they owe.

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