Default Account Terms has the following advantages:

  • New customer accounts will default with the payment terms set in Default Account Terms.

    • This setting can be modified as needed for individual accounts

  • The invoice will automatically tell your client when their bill is due

  • Arborgold's Batch Statement will automatically show overdue accounts based on the client's account terms

  • You can quickly see which accounts are overdue

Prerequisite: You will need to set up at least one Payment Terms

Add Account Terms

  • Gear Icon in the top right

    • Lists

  • All Lists

    • Accounting

    • Account Terms

  • Add New

  • Name Terms

  • Set number of days invoice becomes overdue

  • Add any Internal Notes for reference.

Set Default Account Terms

  • Gear Icon in the top right

    • Company

  • Defaults

  • Under New Customer Defaults

    • Default Account Terms

      • Use Drop down menu to select most frequently used payment terms

  • Save

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