This assumes you have set up SMTP Email Integration or Sengrid Batch Email Integration. If you have not done this, don't hesitate to contact our support team at 812-269-8402 and we will help you set those up!

If you are using our batch email provider Sendgrid you will be able to see the status of emails you send from Arborgold

Emails sent to a customer

Emails sent regarding proposal/job

Log of all emails sent

To view all emails sent to a customer

From CRM profile

  • Open the customer whose activity you would like to review

  • Navigate to the Emails tab

  • From here you can:

To view all emails sent regarding a specific proposal/job

From Job

  • Navigate to the Email tab

  • From here you can:

  • Note: the emails you see here are also viewable from the customer's CRM profile

To view a log of all emails sent via Sendgrid or SMTP email

From the gear icon

  • Go to Tools

  • Email Outbox

  • Adjust view filters for your needs

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