Searching Sorting Filtering Customers

You can use the global search box at the top left to search for almost anything in the software, based on what search subject you have to the right.

Right now we are looking for customer items, which include Name, Company, Address, Email, Cust#, Phone, Type, Title.

If you switch the search item to job, you can search by Job Name, Site, PO Number.

If you switch the search item to site, you can search by Site Name, Address, Contact, Email, City, District.

If you switch the search item to Invoice you can search by Invoice Number.

You can use the blank boxes below the columns in the listing screens to search by each column for information, be sure to click the far right 4x4 grid icon to make sure you have column searching flipped on.

If displaying Column Searching Off, then this means the column searching has been turned on.

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