Plant Inventory (Basics)

Create new Plant Inventory and search it easily

Plant Inventory Basics

Plant inventory is accessible in Arborgold cloud in three different areas. The first is if you look up the customer and navigate to their addresses tab at the top left.

Once you see the list of addresses you can double-click on an address to pull up the job site screen.

Navigate to the plant inventory tab at the top.

To add a new plant inventory item, you can double-click on the location on the map to the left, then add in the information on the right, and click the orange triangle to save.

To add even more detail you can click the + sign to the right of the plant inventory item to open up the plant inventory detail screen.

You will be able to add more detail such as a photo or plant inventory tag.

The following information can be added to plant inventory items:

  • #: the line number of the plant inventory item on a customer's address

  • Qty

  • Item: more items can be added by clicking the gear cog and going to the All Lists -> Additional -> Items

  • Name: this defaults to the # and the item name but can be altered

  • Birth Date

  • Age: changes in terms of birth date entered

  • Condition: list of plant inventory conditions can be added by clicking the gear cog at the top right and going to All Lists -> Additional -> Tree Condition

  • DBH: Diameter at breast height

  • Height

  • Canopy

  • Trunks: number of trunks

  • Location

  • Tags: Plant Inventory Tags, more plant inventory tags can be made by clicking the pencil button to the right

  • Notes

  • Picture: click the browse button to upload picture(s)

There are also more tabs at the top of the plant inventory detail screen to be able to view the history or services performed to that plant inventory item and an activity log of any person who has altered that plant inventory item.

Plant inventory is also accessible on the job screen of a client in the cloud, to the right of the job site information is a pin icon you can click to bring up the job site screen.

The third way to access the plant inventory is to click on the red number icon next to the item on the service lines at the bottom of the job screen, you may just see a 0 at first in red. Clicking the item number to the right of it will open up the plant inventory screen, where you can associate any number of plant inventory items to that service in addition to the features mentioned above. To associate the service to the plant inventory item click the checkbox to the left of the plant inventory items and click the save Save Assn button.

You will notice a 1 now showing at the item level to the service, and if you go back into the plant inventory again to look up the history of that plant inventory item you will see the job listed.