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Quick Start 10: Exporting to QuickBooks

Quick Start 10: Exporting to QuickBooks Everything you need to know about Quickbooks Desktop / Online in Arborgold

During your set up call with your assigned Trainer, you should be able to integrate either QuickBooks online or QuickBooks desktop for windows. Your trainer should discuss importing options as well. Once the data is imported into Arborgold, the integration works in a one way sync from Arborgold to QuickBooks. To export AR items back to QuickBooks, Navigate on the left menu AR -> Exporting.

AR items are organized per transaction, be sure to export Invoices first before Payments. To export, select an AR item tab, then check whichever transactions you wish to export, select Action -> Export to QuickBooks. 

Click Yes to confirm on pop up window

If using QuickBooks Desktop, you will run the web connector.

To do that, go to your Quickbooks file and log in as that Administrator in Single User Mode. From here, select File > Update Web Services:

After this, you will see a program (image below) giving you the option to check a box (this may already be checked) and "Update Selected". Doing this will send the information you just exported from Arborgold's Cloud product to Quickbooks Desktop.


If using QuickBooks Online, wait for transactions to attempt to go over to QuickBooks. If Items do not export, they will be in the table with a red error message explaining what needs to be fixed.  If the items do export, they will not be in the AR transaction table and you will see in the QB log tab the items have exported. If its a new client's invoice, the invoice will come over to QuickBooks and at the same time a customer record will be created in your QuickBooks for that new customer.

If you have issues exporting you can contact our support team at 812-269-8402 or use the chat bubble at the bottom right during our support hours of operation. 


You can also mark things as sent to get them to disappear from your AR exporting list. This is only recommended if the AR time already exists in your QuickBooks account (likely from manual entry)

Otherwise, it would be your goal to export and clear the AR items in a timely fashion, so that both Arborgold and QuickBooks are balanced.


Last Updated by: Josh on 09/18/23 

Authored by: Josh Hughey