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Quick Start 6: Scheduling Basics

Quick Start 6: Scheduling Basics Everything you need to know about Scheduling Services to your crews

Scheduling is done for your estimators in the Appointment Scheduler under the Msg Center/Tasks menu and the scheduling for your crews is done on the Work Scheduler/Schedule tab. All your unscheduled work/appointments will be on the right side all your scheduled items will be on the calendar view on the left.

  1. To schedule or unschedule just drag and drop your items into the appropriate days or to the unscheduled side from the calendar.

  2. Both sides have a filter button to help find specific services.

  3. Filter for your item by using the column headers on the unscheduled side.

  4. A group scheduler button is available above the unscheduled work to see all unscheduled work on a map and to then select and assign the crew you want to said work.

Legacy Doc: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yoad313qQ54