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Quick Start 3: Creating Customers

Everything you need to know about Customer Relationship Management in Arborgold

Essential Knowledge 

Can everyone at your company do the following?:

[ ] Search, sort, and filter, & tag Customers

[ ] Add a new Customer (first and last name, company, address, phone number)

[ ] Create & validate Billing Address & Job Sites and understand the difference

[ ] Default Tax and Account Terms

[ ] Deactivate, Merge, and Restore Customers


Creating Customers in Arborgold 

1. Head to the left navigation (☰) in the upper left corner of your screen.

2. Look for the module named CRM = Customer Relationship Management.

3. Here you should see a list of your customer if you have had an import.

4. Look for the "(+) Add New" button in the upper left corner.

5. This will load a new client form where you can begin to enter their contact information. You will need to provide at least the following:

  • First and Last Name (or)

  • Company Name

  • Billing Address

Other fields that are strongly encouraged:

  • Email

  • Phone number

  • Salesperson

  • Tax Level & Account Terms

Do not forget to hit SAVE in the upper left corner when you've completed the form.


Comprehensive Customer Checklist:

A deep dive training checklist for ALL features related to Customers:

Contact Information: 
  • First, Last Name, Company, Sort On: Sort on determines how jobs are named for this customer 
  • Email, Phone, Billing Address
  • Ad Source
  • Salesperson
  • Customer Type
  • Other Contact
  • Customer Tags
Add a Job Site
  • Edit or Validate a Job Site
  • Job Site Type
  • Site Contact Information 
  • Districts & GPS Mapping
  • Job Site Tags
  • Site Notes and Directions
  • Landscape Measuring Tool Basics
  • Plant Inventory Basics
  • Job Site Files
Customer Account Information
  • Customer Discounts
  • Customer Class
  • Add and Default Tax 
  • Add and Default Account Terms
Searching for Customers
  • Adding & Searching Customer Tags  
  • Grouping and Sorting Customers
  • Exporting Customer Lists to Excel 
  • Restricting Excel Export Permissions 
Customer Communication 
  • Marketing to Customers & Reports
  • Email Preferences (Batch Email)
  • SMS Text Message Preferences
  • Automation Marketing Preferences
Customer Notes 
Customer Tabs
  • Jobs
  • Messages
  • Tasks
  • Files 
  • AR
  • Activity
  • Communication
Sub Customers: When to use these
  • Sub Customer Statement
  • Deactivate & Restore Customers or Set Inactive (Renewals)
Merging Customers

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