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Text Messaging - SMS Marketing Setup

Text Messaging - SMS Marketing Setup Please see the 3rd party site for current pricing (https://www.twilio.com/) Elizabeth Ogle

Pricing is established by Twilio. Arborgold does not charge for the Twilio integration, however Twilio's current pricing is available on their website: www.twilio.com. It is subject to change, so please refer to their site for the most up to date pricing information!

Setting up a New Twilio Account

How to Send Text Messages in Arborgold with Twilio

Text Messaging Your Client About a Proposal

How to Set Up Your Twilio Integration

This video will review how to set up a Twilio account so you can send text messages to your estimators in the field and batch texts to clients.

The Benefits of using Twilio

You will be able to send quick and easy text alerts to your estimators while they are out in the field, especially to alert them to an upcoming appointment, or a phone message.

It is what will give you the ability to send text messages to your customers about estimates, invoices, delays and the completion of their services.

Creating a Twilio account connecting it to Arborgold Cloud grants you access to the text messaging functionality in the Phone Center. Follow the steps below to create a free Twilio account (upgrades may cost extra), or if you already have a Twilio account skip this step and scroll to “Connecting your Twilio Account to Arborgold”

Creating a New Twilio Account

1. Go to http://www.twilio.com/

2. Click Sign up for free >>> Button
3. Enter the Required Information requested. Click Get Started.
4. Enter in a Cellular Phone (with Text Messaging Enabled) and click Text Me. Twilio will use this number to send a verification code that you must enter to continue with your registration.
5. Type in the Code that was sent to your cellular phone and click Submit.
6. Your Twilio Phone Number will be shown.
7. Click Get Started.

8. Click Go To Your Account.

Connecting your Twilio Account to Arborgold

In Arborgold, navigate to Settings >> Integrations >> Twilio. You’ll need to fill in the three fields on this screen with the corresponding values for your Twilio account.

The first two values, for Account SID and Auth Token can be found by logging into your Twilio account from the main dashboard.

The third value, for Twilio Phone Number, can be retrieved from the “Numbers” page while logged into Twilio. Go to the left hand navigation from Phone Numbers > Manage > Buy a number. Search for a phone number in your area code.

Your Account SID and Auth Token can be copy/pasted from Twilio, but make sure you enter your Twilio Phone Number into Arborgold without any dashes, spaces, or special characters, e.g. in the format “8123334444”

Please be aware, when one of your customers receives the text message from this number, they cannot reply or have their message forwarded to another number via the Arborgold integration. We advise adding a note to your notification that encourages your client to call the office with any questions!

Using Twilio SMS Messaging for Notifications in Arborgold


0:36 Sending a Text Message via the Message Center

2:00 Sending a Message Notification from the Work Scheduler

4:00 Sending a Message Notification from the Marketing Tab

  • For written directions on sending Notifications from Marketing > Generate Customer List, Click Here

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