1. Changes Which Are Possible to Make by Editing the Job, Without the Need to Delete & Re-post the Invoice

Any time after the invoice is posted, without deleting and re-posting it, the following fields can be edited by updating the corresponding fields on the Job and the Customer Account it originated from:

  • Job Name

  • PO#

  • Customer Information (name, address, etc.)

  • Due Date & Terms (based on Customer Account Terms)

2. Changes That Must Be Made by Deleting the Invoice & Re-posting it

At the time the invoice is posted, the following fields are set and may not be edited without deleting the invoice and making corrections to the Job or the Customer Account it originated from:

  • Subtotal

  • Discount

  • Sales Tax

  • Total

Refer to our article on Invoicing Services for examples of why sales tax and certain other information may have been incorrectly calculated on an invoice.

Simply choose “Save” at the top of the screen after editing any of these fields.

Attached below you will find a visual guide, the AR Pyramid, illustrating the prerequisites to deleting any item throughout the job lifecycle.

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