The following guide and process for Project Implementation is based on "The 6 Phase Project Framework," which represents the key phases involved in project process and management.

  • Assign the Project to the jobRemember your not limited to one project per job. A job can have any number of projects.Add any other Project Services that may not be defaulted to the Project (if applicable)

  • Phase 1- Service Estimating & ConfigurationAdd all estimated Service ResourcesServices DefaultsEquipment and InventoryUtilities designed to speed up estimating Employee resourcesAssign by CrewBatch Add/Update Resource(s)There are two options for estimating more than one visit for a Service, both of which can be service defaults.Price/Cost By Visit
    Maintenance and Labor Projects (Project Parent services where inventory is required each visits NOT consumed across visits)Also, requires an inputted value for Estimated Visits.Estimates Act Hrs (Parent Project Estimates all the Projects Hours)
    Material Projects, where inventory is consumed across visitsCan be used instead of Price/Cost By Visit, if your willing to do the mathAlso, requires an inputted value for Estimated Visits.Check Price Cost By Visit or Estimates Act Hrs and enter Estimated Visits. Determine if T & M by Res Charge or T & M by Serv Charge and Material Rollup are applicable for any of the Project Parent services:Only choosing T & M by Res Charge or T & M by Serv Charge and NOT Material RollupIf you want to the project child services to be updated based on the actual resource price and cost. This would be applicable for Landscape Maintenance Projects or any project, where you want to track actual revenue earned by the crew as well as cost, but don't want to invoice the Project Parent service based on actual (this would be the case if Material Rollup was checked). T & M by Res Charge or T & M by Serv Charge AND Material RollupIf you want to invoice the Project Parent service(s) based on actual resource cost. The Project Parent service will contain all of the unique resources used across all of the Project Child services. If you would like to see everything rolled up to the Project Parent service for easier Management. This is more than applicable for Paver Patio projects and other Material Projects. After all required service resources have been estimated for the project parent services, and the appropriate action was taken to estimate more than one visit for the project parent service, the total estimated price of the Project will be calculated.

  • Phase 2 - Setup Contract/Installments (optional, dependent on scenario)
    In almost all circumstances Maintenance Projects should be billed by via Contract Billing.The Estimated Price of the project is going to be the Contract AmountAfter creating the Contracts and Installments ensure the total Contact Amount is equal to the Estimated Project Price.

  • Phase 3 - Project SchedulingSchedule Based On:
    Estimated Hours, Estimated Visits, Estimated Scheduled Hours and Estimated Actual Hours. A scheduling technique is then to schedule until the Scheduled Visits and Scheduled Hours equal what was estimated. Choose the appropriate Start time (may need to open the work scheduler to see the crews availability)The End Time will be calculated for you based on the Estimated Hours and Amount of Employees associated with the selected Crew Billing Options. If it's a common recurring pattern make sure to check Save As Default Settings. This will save the recurring pattern under Default Recurring Patterns. After scheduling check the Project Overview and review the estimated vs scheduled columns.

  • Phase 4 - ActualsCrew and or Production Manager will enter actual qty's from Mobile Crew and or Job Costing

  • Phase 5 - BillingInvoice the Contract Installments If Setup Contract/InstallmentsBilling based on Actual - Project Parent service Review the T & M Roll-up Resource Summary for each service resource within Job Information on a continuous basis, but definitely before invoicing!If required to modify the qty for any of the Project Child service resources associated with the Project Parent service via Material Rollup from the Job Costing screen. Whats next, to better enhance invoicing process for projects:We plan on having Dashboard widgets to show you projects that are nearing completion, so the office staff and operations managers know when to audit/invoice. Enabling filtering capabilities in the Job Costing Module to show the Project Parent Material Roll up Service (right now only within Job Information) (Implemented). Potentially the ability to Batch Invoice Project Parent Services. Billing based on Estimation - Project Parent servicesInvoice any of the Project Parent services, which has the estimated price.If Material Rollup with Update Price wasn't selected then the Project Parent Price will not be updated. Billing the Project Child servicesThe only use case that we've determined may demand this is a Lawn Mowing Project.

  • Phase 6 - Project ReflectionAnswer key questions about the Project from the Project Overview:Did we estimate what it actually took us to perform the project?Error on the Estimators side, the Crew or circumstances outside of our control? What can we do to better estimate projects and services moving forward?

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