The strategies for recurring billing options correlates with how you plan on billing the Project and Project Services.

If you choose Price by Resources the service price and cost will be determined based on the service resources assigned to the service. It’s a great way to see how much revenue your crew is actually earning you per day! If you specified the service as T & M by Resource Charge or Service charge we will use that setting to determine the service’s price.

If you choose Price $0.00 then the Project Child services created will have a price of $0.00.

The Do Not Invoice will be checked by default, if this is checked then none of the Project Child services will be able to be invoiced from the Job Information screen and will not show up in the Batch Invoice screen. Technically, if the Job is on Contract, then the services will also not show up on the Batch Invoice screen after they've been scheduled.

In most circumstances/use cases Do Not Invoice should be checked. One use case that it may be valid to invoice the Project Child services would be a Lawn Mowing Project, where you invoice actual visits.

Billing Strategies on Project Scheduler

Price by Resources


Each of the services/visits created will have the price of the Parent Project service without the visit multiplication. All labor resources estimated on the Project Parent will be distributed to the child services. The inventory qty of the Project Parent will be copied as the estimated and actual qty to the Project Children's resources if the service is Price/Cost By Visits. The inventory qty will be set to 0 for both estimated and actual if the Project Parent service has Estimates Actual Hours checked.

Project Applicability

All Projects

Use Case/Why to have this option selected
Tree Removal

Whenever the child recurring services are created from the parent it will copy T & M by Res Charge or T & M by Serv and Material Roll Up to the newly created service. The Price and Cost of the child service will then be updated whenever it’s completed based on the actual resources consumed to perform the service. If the child service has Material Rollup applied whenever it’s completed or updated, it will roll up all of the service resources. The Project Parent service then contains all of the unique resources used across all of the project child services. If not utilizing Contracts than the Project Parent service(s) are the invoiceable line items.

Landscape Maintenance

If billing on contract then this is definitely the preferred method as the actual revenue of the project comes from the installments. Therefore, the summation of the individual installments should be equal to the project child services after scheduling. Following this strategy will also enable you to see the crew’s revenue and the cost of that revenue per day, week and month. Assuming the Project Parent service has T & M by Resource Charge checked.

Price $0.00


All of the child services created will have a $0.00 price.

Project Applicability

All Projects

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