Before scheduling any number of Project Parent services the Project Parent services must be estimated. The key fields during the estimation phase that correlate with Project Scheduling include: Estimated Hours, Estimated Visits, Estimated Scheduled Hours and Estimated Actual Hours. A scheduling technique is then to schedule until the Scheduled Visits and Scheduled Hours equal what was estimated.

Step 1: Check all of the services that you would like to schedule

Step 2: Determine if some of the Project Services have different Recurring Patterns. This can be handled by creating different Recurring Groups. For example, in the Landscape Maintenance use case 3 different Recurring Groups are demanded as a result of variation in scheduling patterns.

  • Landscape Maint - 36 visits, which will contain all of the services that have estimated visits of 36

  • Lawn Fertilization - 5 Visits, which will contain only the Lawn Fertilization recurring visits

  • Shrubs Fertilization, which will contain only the Shrub Fertilization recurring visits

  • Note: Scheduling the Lawn Fertilization and Shrubs Fertilization on the same day as the Land Maint - 36 Visits recurring schedule is very easy to achieve. All you need to do is ensure that the Start On date is the same as one of the Landscape Maint - 36 visits recurring visits and that the Repeat on is the same day.

Step 2: Choose a Default Recurring Pattern or manually enter in the recurring scheduling details

Step 3: Choose the Start Time and then click the Set End Time button

How is the End Time automatically calculated for me?

Takes each of the Project Parent services Estimated Hours divided by the amount of employee's on the crew for each service that is selected.

In this example we've 5 services selected that've 3 Estimated Hours each. Therefore, 3 * 5 = 15/3 = 5 hours to schedule per visit.

Step 4: Schedule the Visits

Step 5: Reviewing the List of Project Services/Visits section. Understand that it groups by Recurring Group then Project Name and list all the scheduled services for that day.

Step 6. After Scheduling out all of the child services ensure that the the estimated and scheduled columns are in a state of equilibrium. Note: There will be a slight variation in the Projects Estimated Cost and Scheduled Cost if you estimated inventory as we apply a 0 qty for all of the project child services.

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