Setting up your Projects and associating default services to your project is easy! Actually, whenever we release Project Services your database will have the the most common names for Projects. All you've to do is associate default services with your projects and configure any default service settings for the services associated with your project.

Project Creation

  • Location: Job Information

  • Assign default services to your projectThese are the common services you'll be performing on the project. Each time you add a project to a job these services will be defaulted (Very similar to programs).

Service Defaults for Projects

  • Location: Settings -> Services

  • Does the Project Service demand Price/Cost by Visit OR Estimates Act Hrs?Price/Cost by Visits is most appropriate for Maintenance Project Services or Labor Project services that don’t have inventory associated with them such as Tree Removal.

  • Do the Project Services demand a default Estimated Visits?Common for Maintenance Projects.

  • Is the service always a T & M By Res Charge or Time & Material By Serv Charge? If it's Time & Material By Service Charge, then whats the default Charge per Hour?

  • Is the Project associated with a default Section? What are the default Service Resources. These are additional service defaults that will speed up the estimating process.

  • Note: Price/Cost by Visits, Estimates Act Hrs and Est Visits will only be defaulted to the service on the job, if the Service is a default on the Project.

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