This video will be a complete walk through of a basic proposal template customization, covering some of the subjects explained above, as well as a few popular extras.


Before you begin, it’s often helpful to print out a sample of the template that you’re going to use as a base, in this case, ProposalFusion-Standardv11.

Once you have your print out, you can mark up a sample of the changes you want to make so that you have a basic idea of how much work you’re going to do, and in what order you should do it in to be the most affective.

This markup was made by converting a pdf to an image (via a converter found through Google) and marking what changes were needed in a basic graphics/painting utility (such as Paint on Microsoft devices, or Paintbrush on Mac OS devices). You could also print out the pdf, handwrite a mockup of what you’re needing, and scan it.

These mark ups are also helpful when sending a report customization request in as well since they can efficiently show our report team both what you want your report to do, and how you want it to look.

This video is just intended to be an overview, if you’d like step by step instructions on how to make each change shown in this video, please see the videos and articles found in the Report Design Quick Videos section.

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