Mobile Estimator

Editing Customers and Jobsites in Mobile Estimator 7


Every time you enter a new client on the Mobile Estimator, you should check that the address is correct! This can be done from the customer profile if you select the job site tab, which looks like a little pin (see image below)



From here, select the job site you'd like to validate and then scroll to the bottom of the job site page. There you will see the option to update the job site if no longitude and latitude is entered. When you hit update, you'll be presented with two options:


Geocode: This asks Google to find the longitude and latitude for you so you can accurately geo-locate the site.


Current Location: This indicates that you are standing at the job site physically and you want to indicate the exact coordinates. This is useful for large multi-acre properties or properties that have more than one entrance.



When you have saved this information, you can tap on the "more information" button (the dot, dot, dot) and view the site on a map. This has the advantage of confirming what the crew will see as well as giving you access to a satellite view of the property.