This article provides an overview of the new enhancements we added to all of our All Lists.

The Enhancements include:

  • Create and Modify Logs: When any new item is added and/or existing updated on any of the listing screen, we now show create and modify Logs with Created By, Created On, Last Modified By & Last Modified On as logs on Item detail screen.

  • New Columns On All Lists: We haved added new Columns as Created On, Created By, Last Modified On & Last Modified By on All Lists screens to show all the related information in one list as one view.

  • Deactivation Confirmation Comment: We have enhanced Deactivation confirmation that helps the user confirm the deactivation and add Deactivation Note with it which helps identify the reason of deactivation when you restore.

  • New Columns on Deactivated Listings: New Columns like Deactivated On, Deactivated By, Deactivated Comment are added to Deactivated Listings that adds more detail about deactivation.

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