The Jobs screen shows the list of jobs according to the order they were scheduled.

  • On each job, the users will notice the Time (on the left hand side) to make sure they’re at the job location at that specified time.

  • Towards right, the users will notice the total Man Hours required to finish the service.

  • Clicking on the Phone icon will call the customer based on the primary phone number set on the customer information screen in the Arborgold Cloud.

  • The customer’s name is displayed in bold, green color. Clicking on customer’s name redirects the user to Customer Information page. Details like phone, email, address, etc are listed on this page. Refer to next page:

  • Clicking on View Future Jobs opens the list of jobs that are scheduled.

  • Upon clicking a Job, the crew will notice the services grouped by Pending, Scheduled, Completed and Skipped.

  • Clicking on the Job Site address, the Job Site information is displayed. By clicking View Map, the user can see the directions from current location to that site address.

  • The Phone icon will appear in Red, if there is a Call Ahead (This is set on the Job Detail Screen within the Arborgold Cloud). Otherwise, the phone will appear Green.

  • Clicking the Email icon, a list of email templates will be display. By default, Mobile Crew offers a template called “Pre-defined: Services Completed.” This is useful when the user likes to send an email about the completed services to the customer. To add templates, click on Settings button on the top.

  • Map icon opens the user’s job site path from the user’s current location using Google Maps. If the user clicks the “Get Directions” link, the map is opened in Google Maps. This enables the users to take advantage of Google Maps navigation and audio directions.

  • Clicking on the Services, opens the Job Track screen, which will be discussed next.

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