Deactivate Reactivate or Set Inactive

What to do when you need to hide or remove a client from your database

1. Deactivate, Set Inactive, Restore Clients

What happens if you set the customer to Inactive status?

  • Allows you to search and view customer history

  • Prevents you from creating a new job for them

  • Prevents service contract renewals

To set a customer to Inactive status, toggle the active box off in their customer profile as pictured below:

What happens if you deactivate a customer?

  • Removes the customer from visible database

To Deactivate a client, click the action drop down at the top left when in the information tab and select Deactivate.

You will get a confirmation pop up that will ask you if you are sure you want to deactivate in which case you can select yes.

This would stop anyone from being able to find the customers information, view job history, and create a job for them in the database unless you went to use the restore feature.

If you made a mistake with the deactivation you can always restore the client. To restore click the Utility in the CRM listing and select restore.

You will see a list of all deactivated clients, to restore check the box next to the customer you wish to restore and click the restore button at the bottom right.

Restoring the customer will re-surface all their data and you will be able to search for them and look up their history.

If you ever question how a customer got restored or deactivated, you can check the activity tab at the top of the customer loaded to get info.