Printing work orders for your crews can be done once the customer has accepted the work and it’s been scheduled to the calendar.

Printing Work Orders from the Job Information Screen

You can print a specific job in Work Order format by opening the job and clicking on the “Quick Scheduler” calendar icon next to any service. Note that this icon is only visible with the job is in Work Order status.

This opens the Quick Scheduler pop-up window, where you can immediately select the service or services you want to print, and then choose “Print” at the bottom. Remember that using the Quick Scheduler, you can print a job in Work Order format without the need to schedule the services first.

Printing Work Orders from the Work Scheduler

To print work orders for an entire day, you can open the full-size Work Scheduler calendar by clicking on “Schedule” in the main navigation menu on the left-hand side. Click “Print Work Order” at the top of the page and then choose the day and crew you’d like to print. You can also leave the “Crew” selection set to “All” to print work orders for all crews that have work scheduled to them on the chosen day.

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