The Web Leads form is a powerful marketing tool that allows visitors to your company’s website to submit their contact information to you online, which you can then easily find and review using Arborgold.

This creates new ways to find potential customers and start a conversation with them, without the need for them to take the initiative of calling your office. This makes your customers’ experience of finding a service provider easier and provides you and your team with more options for engaging with potential customers.

Installing the Web Leads Form on your Website

To place the Web Leads Form on your company’s website, have your webmaster add the following code to the page you’d like the form to appear on:

<iframe src="" height="700px" width="360px" style="border:none" ></iframe>

The Web Leads Form can be installed on any HTML website and helps you transform all web traffic into new potential customers.

Sample Web Leads Form, as it might appear on your website:

Fields marked with a * are required.

Each form submission is sent to Arborgold and can be reviewed from the Dashboard using the “Web Leads” widget.

A Note on Security

The Web Leads Form includes a text captcha to prevent web crawlers and other potentially malicious entities from making submissions to the form.

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